Should I text him?

I went on this spontaneous date with a guy I met online. We watched a movie and that was it. After the date when we were saying bye, He said I was beautiful and that we will hang out again.. The next day he texted me. Our conversation ended with him saying "let me know if you want to get together again" and me replying "I'm not sure how your schedule is but I have a couple days off coming up this week." ... It's been a couple of days and I still haven't heard from him. Why didn't he reply? Should I text him and maybe bring up hanging out again?


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  • Call him, but do not go straight to the date issue, ask about his health, work, job, studies, family also share some of your opinion on your activities, then later in the conversation, you can talk about the date thing. Do not make it look as you are only interested in dates.

    • I'm not sure if calling and asking him about his personal is a good idea. I feel like those are things I would ask on a date. Plus in find texting more convenient than talking on the phone; and it's easier for me at least. Gives me time to think about my response--less pressure haha

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  • No I'm sure he got your text if he's interested he will reply


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  • Yes text him again to see what is up and if he is still free to hang out. Maybe he is busy. He should reply back if he is interested.

    • But don't you guys see the text later on and realize you haven't replied or is not replying a pretty normal thing? He initiated the first conversation and now I feel like should initiate the next one? Am I overthinking it because I tend to do that. I'm just so nervous about this guy and don't want to be shot down.

    • Yes try not to over think it. Things don't always have to go in any order. And rules can always be broken. Yes people can see text message and messages left. Sometimes I miss messages because I get so many and it's easy to over look them. Sometimes guy's get lazy and they may not want to rush texting. True your taking a risk texting him. He might answer and he might not. That is the risk you take. You can always wait it out and see what happens.

  • he needs to chase you. you need to be hard-to-get, thats not his role :P if he can't even bother with texting you back, you shouldn't even waste time thinking about him, sis.

    • He initiated the first time so I feel like can initiate the next one?

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