How do I move on from this mess I got myself in?

I've been with this guy for almost a year. recently things have been going down hill, he broke up with via text, sent me a picture of a girl while im at work and tells me how he's committed to someone else. Could barely drive home that night, couldnt see a thing behind my teary eyes. even though he claimed to be with someone else, less than a week of breaking up with me, he still insist on texting, calling, asking me if i want to go out but later on in the night blocks my number and pretend otherwise the next morning. He even let the girl call me and let her believe that I was the one calling and texting him when all i wanted was to be left alone. Anyways, eventually she was out the picture and he wanted to be with me again and i took him back (i know, stupid me). Valentines day came around... he sent me this huge bouquet of flowers... felt good until i found out some one else got a valentines day gifts as well, in fact she got more than I did. Hurtful. Regardless of how hurt I was or how much I cried, he kept talking to these girls and even met one recently. Texted her and she told me that he in fact went to her house but nothing happened, they just talked but he "never mentioned a girlfried". All I wanted was to be free of drama, live a decent life without all that extra crap. How do I get out of ths mess... how do I move from this, for a year we've been together every single day. I saw a future with this guy and now it's all f***'d. I need free myself but I dont know how.

(I just submitted a college essay, so I'm too tired to care about punctuations/my vocab, so I apologize in advance!)


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  • it sounds to me like he wants to be with that other girl, but at the same time wants you in his life :/


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  • I am so sorry you are going through this. This guy obviously is not in a state to be in a committed monogomous relationship, and so you must purge him from your life.

    I understand that you have been attempting to do just that, and it is much easier said than done. There is no short cut though, it's a hard road and you must walk it...

    First thing, meet him and tell him in clear terms that he has hurt you very deeply, and hence you do not want him in your life. Don't listen to any excuses or pleads for second or third chances. Tell him, you have given him his chances, he has messed up, lost your trust, and you don't want him in your life. Tell him, you have to begin a healing process now, and ask him to do the decent thing and not contact you again. Then leave, delete him number, Facebook Friend or whatever, remove all traces of him from your life. If you have common friends, then tell them you don't want him mentioned to you for a while, until you have healed.

    Then get busy with your own life! Make sure all your free time is filled up with things you love to do. If there is a hobby or skill you always wanted to pick up, do it now. Spend your free time with friends and family that love you...

    It's hard honey, but you will get there. If you ever need to talk, please feel free to PM me...