Desperate situation with a work colleague. I need serious advice, here?

Over the last year, I've intermittently been getting off with a colleague. Every time we make out, he tells me that I'm awesome, he's crazy about me, and thinks I am the best person he's ever met. He's also said this to other colleagues.

However, he has never asked me out or even asked for my number. Worst of all, he has never initiated contact with me at work or outside of it. Whenever I say hi to him he is always very enthusiastic to talk to me. I catch him staring at me often in the office.

We had one night of passion where I went back to his (we did everything *but* sex) and he still didn't contact me afterwards. SO, I decided to forget about him. Didn't speak for months.

Then, last Fridaywe shared an incredibly passionate moment where we kissed again. It was non-stop, he picked me up, spun me around and said he was "so glad" and "so excited" that I still liked him. I told him to PLEASE message me this time and he said "Of COURSE I'm going to message you." Weekend goes by - no message. I am so upset.

So, I messaged him this afternoon (now Monday). I simply asked how his weekend was. He replied in moderate detail and asked me how mine was - no mention of our passionate Friday. I replied with quite a short answer, and he hasn't responded. I know he never wil.

What the hell is going on here? It's been a year. He said he's crazy about me to my face and other people but has never asked for my number or asked me out. What is going through his head? PLEASE HELP. I am desperate.


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  • I'd be careful if I were you. "Don't F*** where you eat", and all that. Relationships with co-workers can be awkward. How will you two react if the whole office knows it? If you are Mr. and Mrs. Boss, well, great, but otherwise?

  • Why are you desperate?


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