Very confused girl?

So I've been talking to this guy for about two months. He was too good to be true at first he always called on time and made sure I knew what he was doing and that he wasn't ignoring my messages or calls. We work together which is something I highly try to avoid!! Eventually it was like we became inseparable I would try and keep my distance because I know things can get boring fast but he would just pop up and want to talk about things like his family and people he wanted me to meet if we made it that far. I have people I would consider friends at my job as well he absolutely did not like them. Anytime he would even be around his friends and another girl would come around it was always a huge deal. He would always come tell me what was said or done, but my "friends" would always make a huge ordeal of it. I would tell them to back off he's a grown man that I have no control over. Another difference is I'm 24 and still a virgin something I'm not ashamed of. He is 21 and very experienced at least according to him. He never pressured me though. One weekend out of the blue he just stopped answering calls and texts then the following Monday he posts on snap chat and he's really angry. I try to talk to him but he says he's mad I ask why and just says he can deal with "bullshit" and we should just be friends. I ask for a better explanation he just says it's ok. Now he's befriending my "friends"always checking on me but saying little backhanded things like I tried to take care of you but it's ok now. Recently I was in the hospital due to stress he immediately started asking was I ok what was wrong. I told him I just needed to realize I'm not superwoman his reply was yes you are.. This is surprising because he hasn't really spoken to me in two weeks. Normally this wouldn't bother me but it's like something happened he won't tell me about, and that doesn't sit right with me. I'm never friends with people I've been romantically interested in but I'm trying with him


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  • before i start i just want to say he still has a not of felings for you even though it goes against what he side. i feel there is more going on that what you might have noticed. first you had said he is very experienced when it comes to sex. that tells me he has little to no experience in a relationship isn't based on that. i'm wondering if its all him or if someone has said something to him that caused him to make a big change in how he felt about you. if it was all him he probley got flustered because every other girl he has went out with his charms landed them in bed and with you it didn't work. so he gave up. if its someone else then i have a feeling someone else wants him so they told him a lie hoping they could have him in the end. ether way i would try to have an open honest conversation with him. if for no other reasons to help him learn how to have a real relationship and for you to learn the real reason behind the change.

    • I tried when everything first happened but I think it was still to fresh it was kinda like he was embarrassed almost. and now it's like one day we speak and the next day we don't. I'm going to try and talk to him again hopefully he can at least tell me what happened.

    • this is only a suggestion and i would word it something like this.
      you know to can tell me anything and would really like us to stay at least friends but something happened and i really would like you to explain what happened. before you answer i just wanted you to know i will not judge or criticize you. i just want to understand as a friend.

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  • WRONG! NO! NOPE! NEVER! lol GIRL! PLEASE! DON'T DO IT! He sounds cray cray lol! He gets mad for no reason? What a mf! lol


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