Should I believe him when he says he's busy working?

Guy has been busy with work the past two days. He has his own business and does construction. Anyways, he keeps texting me how he's busy and exhausted. That he hopes I have a good night and I'm feeling/sleeping well. That he will get back to me the next day. He usually does get back to me the next day as well. Usually he texts me a lot when he's not "working" as much. It's only been 1 text per day. Does he have someone on the side? Getting bored I didn't put out when I met up?


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  • Same here! But what is his own business that keeps him busy? How many dates in how much time? I think they have options and leave us waiting around while they make up their mind

    • Same here! I see my guy at least once a week sometimes more depending on his work. He'l message every day things like have an amazing day beautiful but the relationship is very much in his court and revolves around him

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    • His last serious relationship was a few years ago... He construction, security and studying and just started volunteering at his uni to get him closer to his dream. Is great when we are together, he showers me in little kisses and we get along well

    • @Mimsy1990 Then he must be busy And trying To take it slow as he has a lot On his hands, maybe you can mention having more face time/dates with him as you enjoy spending time with him (:

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