Don't want to lose my girl please please help?

We have been dating for a year seeing each other for 3. i love her sso so so much. I was a bit upset with my girlfriend recently and i am someone that struggles with a lot of anxiety. Anyway i was being jealous for almost no reason. Anyways i was being a dick for about a week instead of communicating. Then yesterday everything seemed fine. I grabbed her bum in public and she as a upset by it. She hates this and i am working on stopping it. Anyways later on i was going to sleep and she came and said do you understand what i mean about the bum thing and i was very tired so i just said "yah yah yah" then she became very upset and said she didn't want to change how i was. Then she saw my twitter that said i missed living in my old town ( very very far from her) but i only tweeted that because i missed the skiing a lot and i told her that. Anyways she then said she thought we should go back to not dating. I said i was sorry about the bum thing and being a dick lately and she said it wasn't just that but that she is unhappy. I said if she felt that way i anted to leave and got up and got my things. She said just go to sleep here you have work tomorrow you can leave in the morning. I said i need to leave and left. She said fine if your leaving i don't want to talk to you. ( this is where i should have stayed and tried talking it out) Once i got to the door she became mad grabbed all my sweaters she has and through them out the door behind me. I left them and left myself and went home which is far from her place. Its been almost a day we haven't spoken since. I'm trying to give her space and time and wait for her to contact me. i feel like if she really wanted to end things she would not have got so mad when i left. I really want to work this out and not end the relationship i know i can treat her better and this was a wakeup call for me. If she doesn't contact me tonight i will most likely call her tomorrow. Please give me advice


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  • Don't wait for her to contact you - she will most likely won't. You walked out so she thinks you weren't even interested in solving the issue/argument. Listen to what she says and try and understand from her point of view. She probably won't pick up if you call or answer your texts so the best way to go about it i think is to see her in person as she said if your leaving she won't talk to you. She probably also took that as you dumping her maybe? Hope it works out

  • Don't wait for her to contact you. She won't because you walked out on her. You rejected her in a sense. You need to call her, ask to see her and work it out in person. And if you're lucky that she gives you another chance, don't repeat what you did. Don't walk out on her when she feels especially insecure. You need to make the first move and you need to hear her complaints. Otherwise she will be gone to someone she can talk to.

    • i only walked out because she said we should go back to not dating. I guess she didn't really breakup with me and probably just wanted to communicate. but i heard the best thing to do when broken up with is to walk away so i did :(. I'm still going to give her some time before i contact her about until tomorrow night. I think its best to give her space and time to miss me after she said something like that.

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