He's a workaholic, what do I do?

We've been seeing each other a year - he works 3jobs and is studying for his helicopter license.

I only see him at least once a week for a sleepover (sometimes more depending on what his work is like). We talk daily but sometimes I'll just get a "how is your day goin beautiful?" And then nothing until the next day.
He always organises things last minute which is also annoying at the moment because I like having my week planned out.

i want to be supportive so bad because he's working towards his dream! But it's so hard. Any tips? :(

he's 27 I'm 22


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  • Just make him smile and enjoy the time he's not studying or working and be you.

    • Do you think it's an issue that I only hear from him once a day? :(

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  • You have a decision because it won't change

    • He'll get his license mid year so then he'll only be working on job and achieved his dream - the 3 jobs are paying for his flights he needs

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