How do I hold my shy boyfriends hand when there are always people around?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 months. We've sat next to each other and hugged. But I wanna hold his hand.
I told him. He said sure. We didn't do it though. He said he would but he feels people are always staring at us. He hates being watched. He would rather hold hands when we're alone. But we only see each other at school and there are always people around. So I'm not really ever gonna get an opportunity to hold his hand.
So my question is:
how do I hold my boyfriends hand when there are people always around and he doesn't want to do it in public?


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  • You grab that boy's hand and you hold tight and you don't let go and he will just need to get over it.

    • This. Really. Some things we just have to be forced to face. And that is what works best.

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    • He'll never be comfortable. You gotta make him do it. It's not like you're doing something unreasonable.

    • Okay, but I would like to do it where he feels safe or whatever. Like alone I guess. But I can never find a place. So, I just try and grab his hand? Or do I tell him to meet me somewhere to hold it? I don't know...

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