She's not the one, is she?

We hit it off at first, we went out to eat (i paid) even tho she said i shouldn't. That probably was a sign. Anyways i took her home & we hung out. & watched a movie. I didn't make any moves because it was our first time hanging out. She kept falling asleep and was kneeding her feet into my thighs. I feel like she wanted to be kissed. Couple days later i text her saying i enjoyed the night we spent & that we should do it again. Never got a reply. Went the rest of the spring break without hearing from her. Next time in class with her turns out she can't make it & texts me asking for my notes. I was pretty ticked to be honest... can't even talk to me a little? Anyways, i want your opinion on what I should do now. If i should talk to her i need to know what to ask her (im terrible with this stuff & dont want to make her feel insecure).

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  • If you're really curious about why she didn't message you then you should talk to her. Just ask her if she'd like to hangout again or ask her if she thought the day/night you spent together was good for her? Something like that

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    • Talk to her about how you felt about the date and about how she didn't talk to you and ask her about why she didn't talk to you, she could have a good reason. Tell her how you felt about it too cause without telling her she won't know

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  • She's not the one. Find another girl, keep the pipeline full and don't stop prospecting.


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  • Sorry to hear this. In this day and age, everyone has their phones on them constantly, so there's not reason she shouldn't have not texted back. It was really rude of her not to send anything back and I think you should move on to someone who is actually worth your time.

    by the way don't get discouraged when a girl wants to pay. I do this all the time. I dislike men paying for me because I feel looked at like a golddigger haha.


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  • Don't send her the notes, ignore her