"You might not be perfect in other peoples eyes but you are in mine" compliment or a double edged sword?

My boyfriend loves to tell me "you're perfect" and I always say "I'm far from perfect" to which he replies something along the lines "maybe but to me you are". My question is how could he find me perfect when he sees why I wouldn't be perfect to other people? To me it just means "I'm willing to tolerate your flaws". I hate that way of thinking because I don't look for flaws in him, I just love him as the person he is.


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  • You're over thinking. It's meant as a compliment but nobody's perfect and you have the right to tell him to stop saying it


What Girls Said 1

  • Because that's how life works? We know as humans, not all other humans are going to find us perfect. He says you're perfect for him, he accepts your flaws and seems to love them anyway. I really don't see the harm in what he says. He puts you on a pedestal which maybe he shouldn't but he thinks you're perfect despite your flaws. I think that's cute.

    • I just have a really bad self esteem

    • Same :/ but if he says nice things? Believe him! It's worth it to try!

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