Girls (and guys), how would you explain this?

Girls (and guys), how would you explain this?

Shoutout to all short guys out there, wish I could love you... Now get back into that friend zone little guy!! #no #friendzonelife #tallgirlproblemsA photo posted by Violet K. Benson (@daddyissues_) on Jun 12, 2015 at 10:48am PDT

After Reading the post AND the comments i felt like i should end my own life.
So you believe this is funny and appropriate but expect us to like a girl with flat breasts for "who she really is" while you hate us short guys for something we CAN NOT CONTROL. Do u even care how a guy treats you or is it all about his height? I FOR ONE am NOT ashamed of bodyshaming girls ANYMORE


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  • Please don't stoop to the level of people who said that, they are being complete jerks!!! Short guys are JUST AS AWESOME AS THE TALL GUYS!!!

    Whoever the heck wrote that needs to take it down >:(

    • I suggest u read the comments aswell, oh yeah and the number of women that commented on it and said "god please no more short guyz"

    • And those people are being really stupid

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  • This chick is a shallow c*** and you shouldn't waste your time on people like that. I don't find things like that funny at all.

    • I thought I would add that if you decide to stoop to this level and bodyshame women (or anyone really) then you're trash too tbh.

    • My Queen! Do you speak Darthrakian? :P

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