Does he actually like me or not?

So, i went to one student party from my university organized by one of the societies because the president invited me and I find him really hot but we are just acquintaines, nothing else... I met a lot of new people, that are part of the society and friends with the president and was talking to his girl friends throuhgout the whole evening. One of the girls said 'oh I am really trying to set up Alex with some girl because he has been single all his life, he has never had a girlfiend and he is extremely shy and takes time to open up, he is defintely not a one night stand guy' and then she asked me If i am single and If I am seeing someone at the moment to which I replied No. Alex is actually a shy guy but he is exactly my type and I really like him. Also in the bar while we were having drinks he was joining our conversation and he was quite awkward all the time and was brining up some geeky facts and making geeky jokes and his friends were teasing him for being really shy and then his fiend turned to me and said :'' see thats what i am talking about, it takes him a while to open up''.. I was quite suprised that she was talking to me about him, as if she is trying to set me up with him when she knows that we barely know each other... Do you guys think he told her to set me up with him or do you think she was just being funny and teasing him and telling me all these things for no reason?


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  • as a good friend of his she is probably trying to honestly set him up with someone who she feels will be a good match for him. if you feel up to putting in the time and effort you will probable have the most caring wonderful relationship you could have ever thought possible.

    • well i believe so.. maybe he is not even aware that she is trying to set me up with him.. but then how do i approach him? cause she told me couple of times that he is really shy. I am scared of rejection, maybe he doesn't like me :(

    • i would try to his friend if possible. the more i talk to you the more i can see why she is trying to set the both of you up. your both really shy. if you truly open up and talk to her she can help guild you threw he his likes and dislike are but in the end it is up to you to go for the one that you seek

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  • There is a possibility that you are being nudged to date him. If there is chemistry I don't see why there would be a problem of you two possible going out.

    • Possibly, but how do I approach him? She warned me couple of times that he is really shy and I really want to get with him but I am scared of rejection... obviously, i would have to make the first step but i am worried of getting rejected

    • Just ask him what a good time would be to meet up for coffee or something, and that you'd love to talk to him about his favorite movie or whatever then. Make it casual, like a get to know you thing.

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