Feels like my boyfriend doesn't care about this relationship anymore?

We've been dating for almost 7 months and at first he was soo sweet & caring, but maybe a month ago it was like he was pushing me away. I'm so confused.. When we argue he pushes it off & doesn't seem to care & i just don't know anymore. I don't wanna loose him but i also feel like he doesn't care. I talked to him & he says he does care, he doesn't know why i feel like this & i don't know either. What should i do? :/


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  • When you talked to him about him seeming like he doesn't care recently, did you specify which of his actions lead to your feeling this way, as well as suggesting what he could do more of to help you feel better?

    One thing I've learned over the course of my relationship is that guys hate receiving critique with no indication as to what they're specifically doing wrong, with more emphasis put on how they could fix the issue.

  • He maybe going through something you just don't know about. If there's not a legitimate reason then, I think you should take a break from cause you shouldn't suffer


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