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OK I'm 16 and this is about me and this guy I'm seeing we are not official yet but we both really like each other. so we were hanging out and he asked to kiss me and I said no because I want him to learn to understand when I say no it means no so he finally gave up but the it got awkward so I went home because I was already leaving. no I feel like he isn't really talking to me that much and I ask him what's wrong and all he says is he is just thinking there is a lot on his mind. WHAT IS ON HIS MIND? that he can't tell me?


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  • I think that he felt rejected. I said no to a guy once when he try to kiss him but I said not today because I didn't want him to think that I was easy plus it was the first time that we had chilled together. We kissed once-like a peck on the lips, but he never try to kiss me on the lips afterward. So I assume that he felt rejected. But my advice is to continue to show him that you like him and maybe initiate the kiss first when you see him.


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  • he might be thinking of what he did wrong between you and him. or maybe how he can change your mind,

    it sounds like there still might be a slight chance he still likes you, &after you said no, he doesn't know what to say so it won't be awkward.

    i hope this doesn't soud rude, but why did you say "no"?

    (I don't think it was clear in your description)

    • Its confusing why I said no but it was kind of. we have had a up and down relationship kind of a long story but at first we went waaaay to fast and I wasn't ok with that and now we are trying again I think I'm still scared it might go fast again...

  • he may have lost interest.

    hate to be so blunt and have you lose hope. but things like this happen to girls like

    you and I soooo often. you just gotta move on.

    or wait it out.