Why do mostly only black women flirt with me?

I'm a white male, and I notice mostly the only women who flirt with me happen to be black women. I'm not talking about the "ghetto" ones either, as it's always the successful educated ones. I don't have a problem with this as I think black women are absolutely beautiful and love black women. I'm just curious where the attraction comes from like what they like about me? Any idea?


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  • How on earth could we possibly know when we have no photograph of you and know nothing about you? Maybe you were black in your previous life, that's where the attraction comes from lol? Come on let's be real, maybe you mingle with blacks or live/work in a predominantly black area?

    • My area is mixed with all races white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and Indian so I don't think it's the area

    • Oh well, what can I say then? Just go for it and have fun and quit wasting time questioning why? If was that only ugly girls were after you... or ghetto girls... or the mafia after you, then I'll worry. Since that's not the case just go with the flow and enjoy what you attract. My point is, it is highly unlikely you will find a set response to your question because there are too many variables and insufficient information to go on. Take care.

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  • Stay away.
    They are the flirtiest at first, and the flightiest down the road.


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  • I think that either you are just noticing black women more or you just dont notice women of other races and ethnicity because they aren't as forward... we black women tend to go after what we want especially educated successful black women tbh. As far as why they are attracted to you lets go down the checklist.
    -are you stoic yet charismatic when you need to be?
    -Do you have your crap together (home, family, money, friends, no baggage)?
    -are you easy to talk to?
    -do people generally like you?
    if you answered yes to any of these questions its probably not just black women who are attracted it just seems that way because instead of flirting lightly and playing coy we are go getters

    *all this was generally speaking if you dont agree please write your own comment don't spam my notifications


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