What should I say back?

I've been snapchatting and texting this guy for a few days. I have a crush on him. We go to the same school but I never talk to him/ see him. We were texting and I said we've never even talked in person 😂 and he said yeah that's pretty true haha I'm sure it will happen soon. What do I say back to this and is this a definite that we'll talk in school?


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  • "Happen soon? So you'll bring me tons of roses and sing a serenade for me amd afterwards we have a conversation? *smileyface*

    Just make a joke about it, or over do it. whatever, keep it light and playful I guess ;)

  • "We should talk then! lol"
    At least that way he'll know that you do want to haha
    Its better than sending indirects lol

  • Well, if you really want to talk to him do it. He doesn't have to make the first move.
    But if he does talk to you first then just talk to him. If he says hi say hi back and maybe add a little funny phrase," it's nice to actually talk to a face then a phone," something like that. You can always start a convo you didn't finish while texting or say something completely random. It doesn't have to be anything special. Just be you, don't lie, laugh (only when it's appropriate or actually funny), smile, and talk. Your gonna be nervous, but remember he will be to.
    Hope this helps and good luck!


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