Guys, Upset, All I want is more time?

Things are great with my guy, we are not yet official. He spends open time with me close to the weekend like friday/saturday or even Sunday. Well lateley all I've been wanting is us to be able to have a day where he doesn't have to leave for work, as I love that its his priority but he chooses to. At least at the point we are, I feel like he could at least maybe work one day and not the other. So we can be able to you know, not worry about committments and be able to lay in bed and talk and wake up, eat and stuff. I dont want to tell him that because he will think I just dont care which I do, I just hate that we always have to worry about him going to work on the weekend or doing favors for his friends. Like tonight he told me he's helping install something and so he won't be able to stay the night with me, as we do movie nights and dinner and relax on Friday nights... I dont want to be mad at him but I feel like he needs to be able to fit me in where we can have our day together, you know? im just upset and I dont want to bring it up. We only see eachother once a week and he plans on coming over and leaving after we watch a movie, honeslty I rather him just not come over and leave it be. I am important but im feelinh that I am not that important at the same time. Advice men?


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  • You said " im just upset and I dont want to bring it up."

    I urge you to bring this up with him. Keeping things like this bottled up inside is a recipe for disaster (for you and the relationship).
    Part of being in a relationship with someone is being able to be honest and open, being able to let the other person know how you really feel and not being afraid to express how you feel.
    Communication is SO important in a relationship. If there isn't an open line of communication (completely open) between the two of you, one of you (or both) will end up upset, bitter, jealous, resentful, etc. and the relationship will suffer because of it.

    Why are you afraid to tell your boyfriend that you really want to be able to spend time with him without the pressure of other deadlines or commitments?
    I think your asking for something very reasonable... you're not asking him to quit his job or stop doing things with friends or for other people, you're simply wanting to have time together to relax and not have those other pressures, once in a while. Not every single day.

    Let him know! He won't get upset with you! If he does, he's probably not the right guy to be with anyway. But he probably won't get upset with you.
    He shouldn't, at least.

    Be honest and open, let him know what you want so he can give it to you!

    • I REALLY appreciate it, and what you said makes sense. I will try but im so afraid... I just dont want to sound rude or selfish. I want to come out flat and simple...

      Like should I say "I feel like you put me last?" we aren't officially dating but we are only seeing eachother and only have time for eachother and to not date around so when the weekend comes we usually plan stuff but im just upset, yea they are paying him to help but i mean still... I dont know how im going to just say it.

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    • No I didn't mean to say like tell him im irritable. I just FEEL that way about the situation. Oh man I hope this goes well.

    • You'll be fine :-)

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