Do you think its possible he could hook me up with one of them?

So I'm interested in this one guy I've been trying to speak to but I couldn't. So I figured I could text his older brother for his help I guess which I did. I told him that I have a friend that is interested in his brother. He responded with "which one of my brothers , and who is your friend?". So I don't want to make myself look desperate and respond quickly , I figured I should wait a few weeks to reply. I'm really nervous as to how this is going to go in scared at the fact he might not want to hook me up with his brother because of something. Do I have anything to loose?


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  • You have nothing to lose. Don't wait weeks to reply. That's totally weird.
    Tell him that you're the one who wants to hook up with his brother.

    • No way something tells me in my gut he's going to take advantage of the situation. I feel like on purpose he won't do it for some reason

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  • no you dont have anything to loose. the questions he ask is a good one. because brothers back each other up and they wanted to know who liked them so they could give them a name allong with the message

    • What specifically do you mean? I feel like he's not going to tell his brother I like him on purpose

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    • trust me when i say i know how scary it is. the only way i was able to get the courage to ask my now wife out was because her brother kept on me take her out

    • But this I way different

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