What color would appeal more to your senses?

Guys and Girls,

I know that "Red" was considered the most ravishing color for a date but I feel indifferent... Sooo

If you had to go to a date , what color would you wear?

If your date were to dress in a color, what would you prefer it to be?

What color do you find entrances you the most?
  • A. Majestic Orange
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  • B. Mellow Yellow
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  • C. Bold Black
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  • D. Wild Purple
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  • E. Natural Green
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  • F. Perfect Pink
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  • G. Other...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not the color that entrances me baby. I love little black dresses, their killers at clubs. But really what will entrance me is how you look - your overall appearence. What looks best on you. and pulls all of you strong points and assets together and makes you and your cloths flow as one. You need to capitalize on what you got girl, you physicality.

    First, assess yourself. Skin tone, eye & hair color and your body type. You'll fall into a catagory of colors that flatter your. You may find a hair color better suited for your skin, and along with a proper color pallate of clothing, and makeup, nail color, etc., you'll be at your best; all the time. And when the time comes to the be dazzle it'll just be a matter of choosing a dress, in you family of colors will show off your beauty. Depending on the situation, you can be sophisticated, funky, classy, ravishing, hot as hell. Whatever.

    Can't wait to see you - send me a pic.


Most Helpful Girl

  • A gorgeous shade of purple. I love love love love the colour Purple. It's such a versatile colour. Argh such a sexy colour on a guy.

    • @mooky06 Yes purple is a good and although it doesn't look hot on me , I still use it from time to time.

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    • Thanks, I won't give up on it just yet. I am of the opinion that any one can look good in a color, all that they need to do is to find the specific shade to match their skin tone.

    • Exactly! You're right 😌

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What Guys Said 3

  • D
    but ideal a would be a subtle French green-blue

  • Orange, purple or white. : )

    • @OrangeBoy, hey , they dont call you orange for nothing. I used to hate orange but everyone keeps saying it looks great on me. Guess I need to be more opened. Purple and whites are great too!

  • A deep red

    • @abc--123 Although red is the norm. I think its a very sexual and sensual color. I just like try different things you know. What type of deep red though? Crimson? Spanish?

    • I'm actually partially colour blind and find its had to differentiate between shades of colour. It's either light or dark to me

    • hmm ok,

What Girls Said 4

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  • I tend to look good in blues, so I'd probably wear a blue dress. My partner looks good in black, it's what he wears, but I'd really like to see him in dark green.

    • @faunchelevent Wow, cool blue! What shade of blue though?

    • I usually look good in darker blues. I'm pretty pale with blonde hair so it contrasts pretty good on my skin and then I have kinda blue-grey eyes that it looks good with :)

    • ooh blue eyes , lovely. I would totally go with a color that highlights my eyes. Nice move.

  • Maybe like a black collared shirt with a ocean blue skinny tie if it'd kinda formal. If just casually, I think a t shirt and jeans will do.

    • @Jaded5990 very nice, in terms of T-shirt, do you mean a black one?

    • Just like a white one with print on it, anything that shows a little personality.

    • hmm niceee

  • Purples and black

    • thats a lovely combination

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