Was I not good enough for him?

Sunday Night
Him: Hey, just got back home. Hope you have a safe drive and dont drive crazy. I enjoyed hanging out with you. I hope to come up to your city soon so we can spend some more time together and I can get to better know you because I really like you! Be safe, see you soon.

Monday Morning
Me: Thank you for your hospitality. I enjoyed myself as well and I would like to get to know you better too! Let me know if you do come out here or if you want me to come out there to you and hang out again. Have a good day!
Him: Hope your home safe today!
Me: Huh? Did you get my other text. Anyways thanks!
Him: Just got it, sorry phone wasn't getting text. Realized when my buddies came to my pad looking for me. lol. Let me get back to you later after not busy working. Hope you get some rest and relax after work. :)
Me: Okay no probs. Have a nice work week!
Him: Just finished. Worked from 9am to right now (11pm). I'm so exhausted. I'll get back to your text tomorrow. I hope your catch up on your sleep. Hope you're well. Good night.

Me: Aww, hope you're getting some rest too. Get back to me anytime! Good morning to you!
Him: Yeah finally a break. Going to be working crazy next two days before I drive to desert Thursday. Hahah Thanks! Well I'm glad you got some sleep. Hope you're having a good day. Can't wait to come up there soon.
Me: ( Inside joke of ours) Be careful driving to the desert. You plan on really coming out to my city? I'll believe it when I see it. :p I'll talk to you after your desert trip or whenever you get back? Text me when you're done working and what not. Get some sleep!
Him: Nothing
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: Nothing

What happened? I'm so confused... When we hung out at my hotel and at his home. No SEX or kissing. He didn't initiate anything. Not going to lie, I'm a little sad. He's a street guy- I didn't judge and I only looked at him as a person. Now I can't even keep a street guy. I feel like shit.
  • He just said he will be busy the next two days. Calm down.
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  • I don't know
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  • Yeah.. seems like he just spewed bull to keep you hanging.
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What Guys Said 1

  • wait 2 more days...

    who knows what could have happened

    or text him with a follow up. it doesn't necessarily always have to be back and forth each time.

    • He's usually the one initiating the texts. I respond but then he doesn't reply sometimes or he says he will get back to me tomorrow. The longest he's gone without texting me was a week before we met and hung out. He's gone 3 days without texting me before too. However, he's always the one initiating.

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    • Figuring out how to delete that account I responded to you with.
      Alright, I'll just send that text in the afternoon. Trying to give him as much time as possible I guess.

    • @irexxana go to settings, scroll to the very bottom, click on cancel account and it will take you through the process. it is extremely quick.

      alright I wish you luck

What Girls Said 1

  • Hard to tell, try contacting him again.

    • Wouldn't that be considered clingy? I know he's busy today (Thursday) because he said he's driving out somewhere. Should I wait until Monday?

    • No, clingy is like can't let go always have to be in the know. But I think just don't contact him for now and let him contact you to see if he's actually thinking of you. So you can eventually figure out where you guys are at so you don't have your time wasted. You can discuss it when he finally contacts you.

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