What should you believe actions or words?

I've been basically friends with benefits for years with a guy. At this point were both single and talked a little about having a real relationshp. He was hanging out and I think sleeping with another woman. I told him choose me or loose me. He said he'd not ready to commit to anyone right now bc he needs to get life back on track.( he's staying with his mom since his divorce due to paying a ton in child support) I get all that. However he's with me whenever he's not at work or sleeping. He asks what our plans are for the weekends and calls or texts good morning throughout the day and good night. I get hanging around for sex but we only have sex about once a week, more by his choice than mine I would be happy 5 or 6 times a week.
His words say no relationship but his actions say we're already in one.
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  • ultimately, actions.

    i can lie my ass off all day and not back up any of the things I say if people buy it on the spot lol.


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  • I voted Actions because actions determine the character of the person. But sometimes, actions need to be justified with words.
    For example: why would someone want to spank a child. surely its because they're trying to teach a lesson but that should also be followed with words. Now, I'm not saying a condone spanking because I don't want so ever but it's a perfect example.

    Same thing can be applied to relationships ( assuming this is where your questions is coming from) money issues, relationship trouble.. actions do speak a lot but words tend to justified why certain actions were taken. Hope this helps.


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  • Well actions speak louder than words, so you should believe his actions.


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