Does it mean anything when a girl sends a guy pics of her in a bathing suit, naked w/out showing anything, or with no makeup and I never asked her to?

*we like each other but she says she isn't ready for a relationship
*she started doing this after I told her I like her
*she has broken the touch barrier way more than I do
*she knows I screenshot sometimes and has never said anything about it
*she'll be talking about her hair but it'll be cropped off but she can fit her chest in the shot just fine
*she doesn't try to hide anything, in my opinion she looks really confident and attractive
*these are all on snapchat, which she told me to get

What do you think? Flirting? Overly friendly? Friend-zoned? Testing me? FWB?


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  • This has happened to me many times, sometime after the first day of knowing them.

    It's friends with benefits


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  • She was asking for your attention and she probably likes you.


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