Why do women marry cheating men?

It really saddens me because I wish my sex was smarter. You know those women that sleep with married men and expect them to leave their wife for them. First of all, the husband rarely leaves his wife. Maybe in Hollywood it is common but in real life the guy enjoys having 2 women and won't leave. Why would you think that he would be faithful to you when he is a sneaky cheater? Why do you want leftovers when there are so many sexy men out there? I have a friend who did this. She actually married the unfaithful guy and now he is cheating on her. I am trying to be a good friend but honestly I think she is stupid for beginning this relationship with a married man and I don't feel sorry for her. I kind of fake it when she calls to cry and complain. Inside I am thinking " why did you lower your standards for a married man"?
If you are going to sleep with a married man it's just for play. You don't try to turn a whore into a husband. Smh. Why do so. an do this?


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  • Why do men marry cheating women

    • Never witnessed that. Usually men don't forgive infidelity. Woman are more likely to forgive a cheating man. Man usually are disgusted at the idea another dick has been in "his pussy."

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    • I am confused on why some guys get angry that I ask this, making up excuses such as the wife is a bitch. So if my husband is an ass does it make it ok for me to sleep with another man who treats me better?

    • Cheaters can't run out of excuses

  • First, men are not "whore" its a classical term usually associated with women and 2nd love is blind and "heart wants what it wants" you can't just control it easily. I am not saying men are saints but I mean may be his wife is cheater or there are thousands of reasons (may be) but the fact is
    Women started dating shit when they got rights and now
    "people rip what they sow" your gender started it and you are now bearing it.
    I am not against feminism but I mean you can't control men they will find a way to do what they always do like what is happening now. and Hi !
    when porn start mate with random men She is "prostitute" right but when a dating chick or party freak do it, its normal and by the way in the world where there is 30:70 man to woman ratio its gona happen a lot.

    • First of all, I can barely understand what you are writing. Second, I think you may be living under a rock because there is a 1.08: 1 Man to woman ratio in the world. Research it!!! Furthermore my guy has no passwords on his phone or accounts and regularly shares them with me without asking. He doesn't hide anything from me and doesn't cheat so sorry but there are good men out there. Sorry that you are part of the crap

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    • I really hope you are not white because you are making them look bad.

    • Grammatically correct? Really? There isn't any punctuation, and I can't really follow what you are saying. Boy BYE. You are embarrassing.

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  • sucks as I am sort of in the same situation. I am not sleeping with him, or am I dating him.
    I just like him. Recently found out he is married. When I asked he said they are going to divorce. after talking, he is going to try to work it oout with his wife again. ugh it sucks. why do they have to hide their martial status.

    • He is not husband material. Do really want a guy you have to constantly worry whether he is cheating or not? Do you really want to give your heart to someone who has no respect for monogamy? Once a cheater always a cheater. Be grateful you are not his wife and you don't have to deal with his actions. You are escaping without baggage. Move on to a better man that is faithful.

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