He asked me to lunch but I declined. Was I dumb to do this?

So I met a guy online last week and it turns out he lives less than a mile away from me! He wanted to meet yesterday but I chickened out. I finally had the guts to meet him today. We went to the park and he was so sweet and very handsome! It took my breath away. I was super nervous that I only talked for a little bit. He invited me to lunch and I got so surprised because I've never been courted this way... I declined because I was so nervous and I felt like it was too fast... He felt bad but I explained why I declined he understood and he continued to be nice. At the end he wanted to see me again. He hugged me and asked to kiss me on the lips I felt like it was kinda fast so he kissed me on the cheek. Was I stupid to decline his lunch and kiss? I just dont want to move to fast! I want to be courted the right way.


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  • No in my opinion you did exactly as you should have. You have made the boundry line more clear by your action. Like yeah !! You did just meet the guy so a kiss on the lips at this stage is a rush to say the least , his presumptiousness at this point in time. If you thought he was the kind of mannered guy you could like more go have the dinner it would maybe help ease some of the nerves and anxiety you may be feeling. If couldnt hurt dudes confidence any , he did get told no tho the invite , reconsidering your answer would help to erase that feeling.

    • Okay! Now I feel better! Do guys get turned off by girls who set the boundaries like I did?

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    • You are most welcome

    • Thank you for MHO

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  • You should have accepted the lunch. If I were you, I'd tell him that I was stupid to decline the lunch and I'd make him another offer.


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  • not stupid, you weren't comfortable with it so you did what you had to do. good on you.

  • No, not really. I think you both just need some more time messaging and getting to know each other that way before spending time together.


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