Am I being put on the backburner?

Met my ex online things moved really fast, claimed he had a connection with me, asked me to be his girlfriend 3 weeks after dating things were going great seemed like the perfect guy until I found out he was secretly still going online, despite telling me he wasn't. Ended it with him then he begged me back (stupidly went back) as I haven't honestly felt a connection like this in a long time. Things went well but then he became distant and my insecurities due to him previously being dishonest set in and I ended it again. Didn't see eachother for acouple weeks then he contacted me saying he missed me couldn't stop thinking about me has a different type of connection with me and wanted another chance we gave it another try but I felt like he wasn't putting in the effort he was originally and I felt disappointed and ended it for good because I felt things Wernt changing. It's been a week and he has contacted me again saying I always end it without telling him my real feelings, he feels a connection with me wants to be with me and really make a go of it this time, I told him all my feelings explaining I felt he was just saying what I wanted to hear until someone better came along and he said that he just felt I was holding back hence why he still checked his messages online. After a long talk I said we should go our separate ways and he said he wants to give it another go but not get back together straight away (because I keep ending it) but to take it slow and get to know eachother.. I asked him if that means exclusively or whilst he sees other girls and he said exclusively but he doesn't want to jump straight back into a relationship, just take it slow and see where it goes with a view to us getting back together.. I know I probably sound foolish but I feel we have a connection but i don't want to be a backup plan. He said he's still into me really likes me and doesn't want to lose what we have. Is he trying to put me on the back burner? Should I give another go?
Thoughts guys?


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  • he is playing the field , forget him and move on to someone who will put you first

    • Your right, I just don't understand why he wants me there if he's not interested

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