Guy said he REALLY liked me but then disappeared?

He told me he liked me after hanging out and that he wants to get to know me better so he will see me soon in my city. He says he's extremely busy working and is quite exhausted. He at least texted me once a day to let me know he was busy and kept saying he can't wait to see me soon. However, since Tuesday I haven't heard from him. Does he still like me? Or is he playing games? He's always the one intiating text messages. I never do it. Should i do it this time? Or will he consider that unattractive because he might not actually like me? Help. Usually when I feel a guy is playing me, he says/ does sexual things and I get a gut feeling. With him, he does nothing sexual and I don't have that feeling. However, I overthink and make things worse than they should be. He's a really cool guy. He told me he liked me and wants to get to know me better. I responded and said I would like to get to know him better as well. I didn't say I liked him because I'm scared he might be playing me.
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  • Would you like someone who is suspicious of you stealing from them? You shouldn't treat people that way.
    Between that and not making an effort and just waiting on him initiating everything, he probably found someone else who is willing to show him she likes him.

    • So should I text him despite him saying he's busy?
      Reason why I don't initiate is because before we met he would go a week or sometimes 3 days without texting. So I thought he was playing games. He would text me and see how I was doing still despite me not reaching out to him. Now, I sent the last text and he hasn't responded. I like him, I want to try and make it work. I want to try and be more open and vulnerable but I don't want to get hurt.

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    • And if I were to confront her on it she would read more into it than it is. A great deal of what bothers me is that this crap keeps happening. But she will just think that frustration is solely with her. She won't realize that her small snub contributes to a larger pool of negative experiances that bother me. To her one little thing should be nothing. To me it brings up a larger frustration. In the end it's nothing but at the same time it sucks and dosen't have to be that way.
      Showing you care a little is ok but people don't seem to handle it well. That would mean they would have to face up to their own shitty behaviour towards someone who is good and cares. People seem to hate simple responsibility to each other.
      The bigist one seems to be what you experianced. Without explanation he goes dead. Not like it would take much to respond and let you know where he is at, interested or not. Ah just vanish.

    • Yeah , I agree with your statements. Gone are the days where people actually did what was right. It's sad. The waitress girl. Have you gone back to see if she's still there working? You could slightly ask and say- hey what happened to drinks? See what her response is? Hang in there though. These things are frustrating but communication is the key.

      I'm going to message him tomorrow just saying he didn't have to leave me hanging and say he like he. There was no need to play games. It's whatever. I thought he was a good person but I guess not.

What Girls Said 1

  • Some people don't know what they want.

    • Should I text him then? If I do text him, what should I say?

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    • But I was the last one to send the text message in our last conversation? Why would he be waiting on me? I'll send him one tomorrow since that is the 3rd day and what not.

    • OoOoOoh, ok sorry I was going off of your post. Well then definitely text him tomorrow then.

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