Why would men be so abusive to a nice woman?

this doesn't just happen to me- it happens to some of my friends, but only the ones who are truly just nice or good people. We go on dates usually with guys online, and most of the guys are just jerks, esp to me. I'm a pretty female too. What I don't get is- I look like any famous celebrity who men worship or gawk over- im a nice person, i treat everyone with respect, im friendly personable, and most guys i meet online are such jerks to me. Guys anywhere are- maybe theyre threatened or intimidated, but they treat me like im a problem or something. I look like a victoria's secret model. I'm a cool person- I love concerts, I do fun things. Maybe some guy out there can help me understand the utter hatred these men have towards me.

on the other hand, if im EVER rude to a guy- like let's say I reject a guy- he is kissing my a** trying to get me to meet him, online etc. Why are men so mean to nice women and why do they turn into servants towards mean women


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  • Only immature guys do that...

    • oh ok... are men hateful towards women they might be threatened by?

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    • Then there is something wrong where you live...

    • there is- im in orlando, fl and the people here are crazy and weird. I hate the people here and the guys are crazy, so it is here, but im wondering if it happens everywhere

  • Because they're pieces of shit 💩

    • i agree- they are but is there a psychological reason why they'd be so mean to a nice woman who's pretty--are they threatened maybe or feel insecure?

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  • Maybe you're not as nice as you seem? You might act stuck up or superior? I'm just making assumptions. Usually Victoria Secret models have an "angel" glow to them, so maybe you're not so much of an angel like you think you are. Just saying.

    • no you're the one who's stuck up.. and the guys are the ones who are stuck up... im a nice person.. so that makes no sense... the guys are the ones who are being rude to me.. your nasty comment is really pathetic.. sounds like a mean negative jealous bitch

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