I'm trying to get this girl in my 5th period class but am nervous and don't totally know how I should go about it?

So, I have never really spoken to her and never really gotten the chance, we don't sit near each other. My best bet is to speak to her after class, I have asked a few friends for advice and most have said I should talk to her during class a few times before I get her number. On the other hand I was thinking of approaching her after the bell rings in the hallway and telling her A small joke (hopefully she laughs) then tell her I think she is cute then ask her for her number. Any suggestions?


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  • Talk to her!!! I wouldn't go through the joke thing but that's just me. Just compliment her or literally just say hey! Girls love an honest guy (well most). There is almost no way she can not say hey and if she shrugs you off and doesn'tsay anything, chances are that she is not the one for you..


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  • I think you should say hi to her a few times for a couple days, then go with your plan.


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