Boyfriend material or nah?

I been talking to thid 19 year old thats almost 20. He comes and spends the night with me and we fell asleep and woke uo cuddling, he got the respect for girls, he doesn't look the best.. but idgaf about looks as much i use too.. He helps me through everything.. but... he is always depressed when he isn't around me or Alyssa. and I feel bad when im texting him and he just talks about how much he hates about life.. and everything. my mom loves him. but i just dont know, he asked me to prom but you know i said yes so i didn't hurt his feelings.. back in October i told him i dont like him more than a friend and he still trys to be more than that..


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  • Well, I don't think he could be a boyfriend material.


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  • He could be, he seems like a respectful guy, but I don't think he should even consider having a relationship before he has not worked on his negativity and try to be more positive, otherwise he will only bring his partner down.


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