How into me is she?

Signs she's into me
-the last time I saw her she gave me a hug
-she is constantly flirting with me through body language
-we have great conversations and talk about everything
-the last time we went out, we spent 5 hours talking and she invited me to do this.
-we are very similar people and connect well I think
-we have discussed what it would be like being in a long-term relationship and what she would want and what I would want
-when I said that I might never see her again, as she has plans to only stay in my city for a short-while, she looked really hurt.

-she takes forever to respond to texts, like at least 10 minutes and up to hours.
-she says that she has no chemistry with me and just sees me as a friend.
-she has plans to move away from the city, she is a traveller, but keeps on putting it off
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  • I don't think she is interested in you. I believe she just want to be your friend, she kind of said so herself. She just enjoys your company and some people are just natural flirts, they can't really help coming across flirty.

  • There is a good chance that she does like you. If she says she only views you as a friend, then that most likely means that she does not want to ruin the friendship. You said that she might move away, that might be another reason as well. She doesn't want to date you and have it go to ruin during long distance.


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