Who's a Better "Wingman" for a Straight Guy?

For an hot, but shy hetero male, who would would be the best companion to help him pick up a girl?

Please explain your logic or experience!

  • Another Straight Guy
  • A Gay Guy
  • A Lesbian
  • A Bi Girl
  • A Straight Girl
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Most Helpful Girl

  • A gay guy or a straight girl


Most Helpful Guy

  • In my experience, you need a wing girl. She needs to be attractive though, women see another attractive woman around a man, even platonically, they are drawn to him. Since you are shy she should probably be outgoing as well, do most of the talking. Make sure she is laughing and having a good time with you, and other women see this. When they do its like you are already pre vetted, you are not a creep, and they want to be around guys attractive women like, even platonically.

    I have done this with straight women and one lesbian woman, had better luck with straight women. Dont know if that is always the case, just what I have seen working. Also, bi and lesbians might try and flirt with other women, steal them from you, this might turn other women off your friend, and you if they are straight.


What Girls Said 1

  • A person's orientation doesn't make them a good or bad wingperson. It's dependent on their personality.


What Guys Said 1

  • I went out to a number of bars over a 16 hour period in Palm Beach County, Florida back in 1985 with my aunt, and her lesbian sister and her partner. He sister tried most of the day and night to set me up with women at several places. As a straight guy, you've never partied until you've partied with a lesbian. :-)