How to spot a self absorbed guy when you are at emailing stage?

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  • When he never ask how about your day.
  • When he keeps talking about himself
  • When he asks if you have much planned on the weekend. Only because meeting you is for his interest
  • Others
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Most Helpful Guy

  • People in general are pretty selfish. If you give me some specifics then I can probably help you out.

    • It occurs to me that people who never ask about your day are pretty self absorbed. It could be because of narcissism or just a defense to cover their own insecurity.

      One of my experience is my ex never ask about how are you? how was your day? he did lots of sweet things as well such as always picking me up and dropping me off. He also takes pride on being the provider even when I offered to pay.

      At the ended he tried to cheat on me with my friend by adding her on facebook, my friend then told me he's been on tinder for months. Cheating is a very selfish behavior.

    • Yeah but I mean you're only looking at this on the surface level. Guys are motivated by sex, and we'll say pretty much anything just to get laid in the beginning.

      75% of what I tell a new girl are all lies in the beginning, just to get me in. It's only after that happens when I decide if I like her and if I want to make a genuine effort.

      I'm just being brutally honest. It's all part of the "game." I've gotten pretty good at it and if a girl gives it up easily then I lose respect for her. Quality girls will be able to see through my BS and those are the ones I end up chasing for real.

      You need to meet in person to get a sense of the vibes and overall energy between you two in order to make a calculated assessment. Email only is impossible to decipher any hidden intentions.

    • I see what you meant by "the game" my ex and I were together for 9 months. if he didn't add my friend he wouldn't be busted.

      Regarding anyone new on email, yes best to meet in person to get to know them. My ex really covered it well by doing many little things for me in all this 9 months.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I Would have to Agree with All Three you have Here, dear and also as well, 'Others such As'... The only thing that is on his own mind when you get together is the Touching and No Talking.
    Good luck. xx

    • Oh yes your "other" is a good one. Reminds me of my most recent you know who.. He loves to hug not necessarily in a pervert way, but he's like I like to feel Things in not a communicator. Whatever dude lol

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence and lol!! "Whatever dude" is right, sweetie. xxoo

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  • Seems like you're more self obsessed tbh its when they think they're perfect and the other person has to have flaws and starts nit picking

    • Oh look who is getting offended by the question and feel the need to point the finger at others?

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