I farted at work today, not sure if I got caught?

So I was in a room by myself and no one usually goes in there at all as its just there mainly for my work. Anyway it was almost home time and I felt like farting and looked out the room and no one was there so thought what the heck and let one go, it was big and smelly. The only reason I did it was no one is likely to come in the room, although they could walk past. Then after I farted I open the door and I see my boss walking towards me, I try and think what to do and then just before he gets to the door I open it before he does and go " oh hi there" and try to prevent him from entering. I then go outside and try to talk to him there but then he goes in to check something. I think he must have smelt it but I go in there and ask a question so that he starts talking as when you talk you smell less? anyway he didn't say anythign but I think he smelt it.

I have also farted before when I was around the back in the warehouse and farted and then a few seconds later my boss walks around the corner, but there was a fan blowing so thats why I farted but he could have smelt it.

What do you think of this?
What are your fart stories?


What Girls Said 1

  • So what? It happens. It's not like you committed a crime.

    • Well I just thought id share my embarassing story

What Guys Said 1

  • this is seriously to funny xD haahahaha xD. i once farted in the gym and hope no one thinks its me :D

    • normally I do small farts and walk around the room to dissapate the smell, but this time I just stood in one spot near the door, and lo and behold my boss happens to want to come in at that moment :)

    • hahahaha i can understand the awkward moment you had :D

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