Girls, Girls how long do you want a guy to text you before being well, flirty etc or asking you out If you don't really know them outside of messages?

Met a girl on Tinder who shockingly was like me and seems to be legit and not a sex addict, we messaged a couple days probably like 20 messages each day then she said she was probably going to get rid of tinder so I asked for her phone number which she gave and last night we texted a decent amount she laughed said I had a good sense of humor etc. so it seems to be going well, but I'm God awful at texting as I'm a face to face guy, so I don't know when to make a flirty comment or when to actually ask to meet, what do you think?


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  • I don't want any guy to flirt with me to be honest.

    As for your question, be upfront with her otherwise you're going to end up sitting in the zone you hate.

    • So just kinda ask her where I stand and if she wants to meet etc? Even though we've been messaging less than a week?

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