How long is long enough?

I met this guy online. He lives on one side of the country, and I live other. We consider ourselves boyfriend/girlfriend. We really want to meet, but how long should I wait before meeting him in person?


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  • If you really are under 18, I recommend waiting at least until you're legal. Keep in mind, people are not always who they say they are.

    When you do end up meeting him, meet in a public place. Don't stay the night with him right off the bat, and don't let him know where you'll be staying - like I said, people are not always who they say they are and believe it or not there are A LOT of f***ed up people out there.

    • Thanks for the advice... I'm 17 (in case you're wondering). Your advice is really good, and I will always keep it in mind.

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    • We're only about 4 hours so it's not as bad as it could be..unfortunately our work schedules are so different from each other and I'm without a car at the moment so it's been tough.. but if it were too easy, I don't think it'd be as good as it is.

    • Oh. Yeah, we are 18 hours apart, and I don't have a car or money yet. I'm just exploring my options.

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  • Speaking as a guy, I think this is risky. If you set something up, make sure you have put some safeguards in place, like meeting somewhere public (definitely not where you live!) and get some other friends there at the same time (they don't have to make themselves known) to keep an eye on things during the evening. It gives you an escape route if things are not what they seem. With respect, if you've only had dealings with him online, you really don't know that he's legit, even if you think you do. I have a friend who set up a date with a guy she was convinced was 18 - when he turned up he was at least 35-40. Be very careful.


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  • um.first of all you really shouldn't meet people online its not very safe I did it once and it almost got me raped or worse killed. but if you know for sure this guy is legit you should wait about half a year and meet someplace were there are lots of people and tell him to wear something that you can identify him from and you do the same but don't have the thing on until you see him in case he is a nut job. once you confirm he isn't a creep put whatever it is on. hope this helps

    • Thanks for the advice... I know he's legit. I'm glad that you were able to get out of your situation. That sounded horrific.

    • I know I stated warnings about it but I just wanted to add a positive story here, I met my boyfriend online after about 3 years of talking. Best thing I ever did, although I did it in a very very stupid way and had him pick me up at my house and we went out for drinks - lucky for me he wasn't a creep but thinking back, man was I stupid.

    • That's good. You got very lucky. Is it still working well?

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