Can men stay just friends with a girl they had sex with?

I guess I'm an different type of person. I'm still good friends with most of my exs, and we communicate regularly. Nothing physical is going on. But I've heard that most people do not stay friends with an ex. They say that if a guy stays friends with a girl it's usually because he still wants to sleep with her, somewhere in the back of his mind. So, can men truly be just friends after sex? If they stay friends with a girl immediately after sleeping with her, are they always thinking about sleeping with her again? If a man doesn't want to sleep with her again does he just disappear and end all potential for friendship?

  • Yes, he already got some, so he will never think of having sex with her again. They're just friends.
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  • No, once they had sex (if it was good) he'll always want to have sex with her. No matter what.
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  • some might beable to but i could not because i would all way think about it


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  • If the sex is bad. Which by the way it often is so I voted "yes".


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  • Depends on man to man I'm best friends with my ex but we never had sex so I don't know

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