I'm really frustrated! Should I blow him off or be patient?

So long story short. Met a guy online in person yesterday it went okay. I was just really shy. He tried to kiss me but I didn't let him (too fast for me) and he wanted to see me again. So this morning he text me to see if I wanted to go to eat with him after he gets out of work at 4. It is now 5:32 pm he text me like nothing. I don't want to sit here and wait like if I'm on call. Fuck that. Should I blow him off or be patient?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Did you actually reply to his offer of dinner after work?

    • Yes I did. I said that, that it would be great. He then said talk to you then.

      Now he's just acting like nothing.

    • If you think he's worth a text, then send him one reminding him and that you would be willing to give it one more try another day. He might have gotten hung up at work or something - it happens. If you don't think he's worth it, then forget about him.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I would just text and say hey I thought you wanted to go eat with me what happend if he can't give tou a good reason for standing you up then I woukd leave him alone, a guy that likes you isn't just not going to text or call and leave you hangin

    • Well he said he was at the gym. Now he's asking if I can go to his place? But I'm not comfortable with that...

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    • Yeah. I figured so I told him that I don't ever go to a guys house just like that but if he wanted to go do something else with me he can but if not then I wasted his time and mine. He hasn't responded yet.

    • Yeah if he likes you and wants to see where it goes he will reply

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