Told guy I was going send him nude surprises and he hasn't replied to my text? What should I do?

Hey guys
I recently started talking to a guy that I met on eharmony. He was the one who was interested me. We went to the guided communication on the site and he asked if I wanted to text instead. I gave him my number. For past few weeks, we have texted each other almost every single day. I thought we got along great because he is sexual as I am. Well yesterday, we facetime for a bit and I told him, I will send him pictures of me later. We exchanged sexual pictures in the past. I texted him last night with a few pictures and didn't get any response. So I figured maybe he's in school or busy. So today, I haven't heard from him and thought should I text him. I texted him at 6:12pm today and haven't heard anything. I know it's bad to stalk people but I am a computer person. I found all his social networks and online dating profiles because he uses a common username. I see that he logs into okcupid at certain times. (don't worry I'm not logged into anything, so he doesn't know I'm stalking.) So I'm here like wtf... no response.. and I'm sure he's using his phone to check those online dating sites. I'm not talking to other guys because I stick with one guy until I like him or not. What should I do.. I know this is silly but I am getting worried because I didn't get a text from him yet. Do you think he's ignoring me? Sometimes, I think not because we facetime for a bit yesterday. Just wanted to get you guys opinion.


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  • Move on.


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