Am I wasting my time on him?

probably over-analyzing the situation. I noticed whenever I talked, this guy stared at me, not in a mean way.

There was a period of time where him and I kept looking at each other and smiling..

I sat across from him at a table. He said he had long arms, and I said I did too. Then he reached across the table and put his hand on my shoulder, claiming that his arms were longer. I put my hand on his shoulder, and claimed that mine were longer. Was that flirting?

Eleven days later, I texted him-

Me: is this Jake?
Him: Maybe who s asking?
Me: Ashley 😂😂
Him: okkkkkkk and what do u want?
Him (again): okkkkkkk and what do u want?
Me: I guess wanted I to say hi?
Him: Ok?
Me: I m glad you're not some sort of creep..
Him: K

Obviously, his texts were mean. I was super hurt.

He texted me again-

Him: Sorry if i sounded like a jerk it s just i get super defensive when people i dont know text me cuz ik my friends have given my number to random people so its like who are you what do you want.
Me: I should've asked you for your number instead of asking my friend for it. But you seemed really
cool and I was nervous... so yeah.

Then we texted for awhile. So, his friends say that the fact that he acted defensive when I first texted is a good sign because he's usually doesn't freak out about anything.

Whenever I see him, he usually just looks at me for a few seconds, and doesn't say anything.


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  • He doesn't seem interested.