How do you turn someone down?

So i see dating as a trial period. Unless you're with your girlfriend, then it's just "date night". I'm talking like, "trying to find a partner" dating... and since nothing is serious yet, I have a few girls I take out 0n dates. Now, as only time will tell, one will stick out as, "the girl I want to be exclusive with" how do I turn the others down. Cause they like me too... I hate disappointing anyone or looking like an asshole, but I feel like I'll be doing both those by turning someone down when I kind of liked them too. It's just I like this other girl a lot more...

What do I do? Lol


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  • You don't necessarily have to tell them about the other girl, just be straight up and tell them you just don't feel like it's going to work out. Imagine you're being let down by a girl and tell them what you'd want to be told.


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