My boyfriend wants a break from me so that he can hang out with his friends, is he breaking up with me?

I love him so much and I thought we were having a great time. But lately he seems easily annoyed, and it seems like he's always mad at me. He says he prefers spending time with 10 people rather than one. He doesn't want us to hang out together in college or after college but stay in touch. He wants to have lunch and dinner with his friends.

I was hurt and I started crying, he said that there's nothing wrong with me and that there's no other girl. He feels that this isn't the right time for a relationship. We're 19.

He seems happy that he's free now. My best friend saw him enjoying with his friends.

He didn't message or call me today.

What should I do? I am not ugly or stupid or boring.. why did this happen to me?


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  • ok so I think this relationship problem sounds kinda "fishy" to me. he seems like he only wants to be with his friends and never wants to be around you so he finds excuses to not be around you. I'm wondering if he maybe just lost interest in you or maybe the relationship is boring to him or maybe he might not have been ready for a serious relationship. I would talk to him about what he really wants and find a happy medium that you both can agree on. if you do end up calling it quits but still keepin contact because maybe something might happen again. he might feel like coming back to you just for the fact that he will miss you. so just talk to him and find out what he really wants.

  • Text him and ask... "So that's it? You wanna break up?"

    And you will get the truth, if he does.. I'm sorry but that means he doesn't deserve you and you need someone that does...

    If he doesn't... then say well what's up? cause I don't feel like ur girlfriend anymore.. can't we all hang out? you, me and your friends?

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