GUYS: I need your serious opinion on my dating situation, anyone who can give me some answers?

I have gone on 4 dates with this guy. On our 4th date, I hung out at his place, and ended up doing it. Just wanted to give you an idea of how far we have gone lol

Anyways, Last week things were going well via text. Friday came, I was being dumb and didn't respond to his text for 5 days. Honestly, it didn't need a response- it was statement, so wthat the hell? 2 days later (Sunday) we were suppose to hang out he never followed through. I got P***d and I ended up unfriending him on my Facebook (it was such an impulsive move on my part!) Anyways, after not hearing from him for 2 more days, I reached out and asked him what happened on Sunday? he then said I didn't hear from you since like Thursday.

I then apologized and explained my reason. I told him why I acted the way I did because I was seeing some red flags in him. He asked me why and so I ended up pouring my emotions. 3 days has passed and he didn't text me back.

Wtf just happened, why did he disappear?


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  • You went on to ignore him for 5 days and then unfriend him on social media. Then you cry about stuff he at that point probably didn't care much about. What did you expect?

    He disappeared because he moved on and he doesn't want to see you again. Next time, don't ignore people.

    And simply because he wrote statements doesn't mean you don't have to reply. Nothing says you couldn't have made the conversation go yourself, you know? Did you ever even initiate the conversation?

    • So I fucked up over a text?
      I see your point :(
      I am sad though, I hope he comes back but I don't know

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    • How sure are you that he won't :/
      What if he was a player?

    • I don't know if he was a player or not.

      And since he hasn't contacted you yet, why waste time thinking that he will do it. Best you move on.

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  • He is no longer interested in you. Plus, both of you acted in a really selfish way. I think you should let it go. I don't think there is a way to persuade him to see you again.

    • Really like that's it?