What type of girls do guys like?

What type of girls do guys like (physical wise and personality wise) and do guys like girls that are outgoing, not shy, talks a lot or do they like girls who are quiet and shy?


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  • I like tall ladies, small features, and brunette hair.
    I like geeky ladies.

    I don't mind outgoing types, but as long as they aren't the "popular girls" and know everyone around town. I would love for them to talk to me a lot about things. So they don't have to be quiet and shy all the time.


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  • I just want an average looking guy tbh, not too fat not too skinny, not too tall not too short, not ugly not handsome. Average.

    Personality wise, i dont like shy guys nor do i like guys who are too talkative, so somewhere in between. He has to be good in bed or our relationship wouldn't last. Family oriented. Dont judge people. Dont make fun of other people, i mean he can do tbag but do it with me so we can have fun making fun of people together.


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  • The ones who are similar to myself 🙂 We don't have high standards


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