Girls taking the leadership roles on approach and conversations does it lead anywhere for you? Am I doing something wrong here?

Okay, this all has to do with getting know someone.

In my dating experience if the guy is interested he makes the first approach, and we begin to talk and he usually leads the conversations in getting to know me.

I have noticed one Major repeated con in my approach with men I'm interested in is that I notice it never leads anywhere. Maybe they arnt interested in me? But what I've noticed is through online dating (especially) I'll introduce myself and start to ask questions but they never ask me questions about myself back, and it dies out and I just leave it alone altogether. Do I tell them about myself voluntarily? I feel like this role of approach as a female isn't beneficiary in relationships as the guy in speaking isn't eager to ask myself leading questions to know more about me.

Are there any girls out there who have taken leading roles in conversations and getting to know someone, has what happenes to me gotten you less or more relationships? Have you ever experienced this?

I understand the gender roles and we scream for equality, but as I try and do those things in first approach it doesn't get me committed relationships, but I'm sharing my personal experiences.

Men how do you feel?

Any thoughts?


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  • If you are talking to guys and they don't respond with something to continue the conversation then you are wasting your time.

    And most guys will think that if you volunteer your life story you are just full of yourself and they will do the same thing and want to just sleep with you.

    • Lol. I love getting to know people. I mostly let them talk but they don't reciprocate as deeply as I do.

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    • Ugh I can be the same.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I don't do online dating, but perhaps I should as I don't do clubs and bars - and I'm extremely shy.

    I'm going to get slammed here for what I'm going to say next - I've seen another guy asking a question as to why not so attractive women approach him, and he got totally slammed by girls, whereas a girl asked a similar question and got treated with kid gloves.

    But I've been approached a few times, but always by girls that I'm not attracted to, and that has always taken me by surprised because I'm fairly sure I've never given them any hints whatsoever I was attracted to them in any way. Whereas girls I find attractive do not approach me.

    There - now flame me all you want.

    • Lol no I wouldn't flame you at all it makes perfect sense but now check this out.

      I'm really attracted to this shy guy right, and really interested in getting to know him. he's shown me signs, but I have not reciprocated back my feelings only because I didn't know how to do that with him. I'm pretty shy too..

      I've only received many sexual and i guess flirting vibes from him. He has shown me signs of being sexually attracted to me, but I feel that that's only thing he wants, only because he's yet to approach me or even tried speaking much. Lol Its my fault because I could put this fear away and approach him, but so much time has passed that I truelly feel like he's not all that interested in me because we've yet to get past the 'eye glances/stares'. much or Even a hello. Lol

      And worse he's got a girlfriend I believe.

      Men I'm sexually attracted to I have a hard time approaching first believe it or not?

      Why don't you approach women? Or do you?

    • Would you blame someone else for not approaching you because they are shy? Would you discount them for it or would you think %&ck it I want her I'm going to talk to her? Anything?

    • We had this flirting thing way before he got the girlfriend hehehe

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  • "But what I've noticed is through online dating (especially) I'll introduce myself and start to ask questions but they never ask me questions about myself back, and it dies out and I just leave it alone altogether. " Omg I so feel you on this!!!

    This frustrates me to no end. Why can't people ask questions anymore? Or if the guy isn't interested, why not just tell us?

    Why not just tell the girl truthfully "I'm sorry, you seem nice, but I'm not interested." That is all one has to say.

    And if a person is interested... ASK QUESTIONS! I just don't get it.

    I have the same problem and I have no idea whether they are even interested in me. Pretty much all the guys I talk to, never ask me questions. One ex boyfriend even told me he felt he didn't know me. BUT HE NEVER ASKED ME ANYTHING! I had to do all the work of finding out who he was. And he had plenty of chances to ask me stuff. He chose not to. It's not like I have a secret life.

    I constantly approach men, and it rarely gets me anywhere. I'm with you on this. I want some answers too!!!

    • Yes I agree with you. Thanks for sharing.

    • @TheBootyChest