Does she like me (I know, another one of THOSE questions)?

I met this person online from a dating site and we've talked for like 3 months, not super frequently but maybe once a week or every other week. She lives about an hour away, we've never met in person but a lot of times when I say something to her she's like "Hi!" at first, but our conversations don't seem to last very long. Also she never starts the conversation, but she always seems enthusiastic when I first start talking to her.

I asked her for other contact information and asked if she wanted to go hiking with me because we both like stuff like that. She was like "Yes!" and gave me her phone number, but said she was really busy. I've texted her a few times and asked if she wanted to talk on the phone but she said she was afraid of talking on the phone.

Now I'm actually confused, because she always seems excited to talk to me at first, and she gave me her number and sounded excited to hang out together. Also, she seems to share somewhat personal information with me when we do talk. But she never never starts talking to me if I don't say something first, and she never asks me questions about myself, and sometimes doesn't say a lot about herself either.

I know nobody knows for sure, but based on your intuition, does it sound like she actually likes me but is just a shy/quiet person and prefers to wait for me to make a move? Or is she just being polite?


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  • well it sounds like she's interested, she's just shy, and also busy. I've enjoyed talking to a few guys online, but sometimes I'm honestly just too busy to keep a conversation going. So I wouldn't worry about that part. If she didn't enjoy talking to you, then she would slowly stop responding until she just didn't respond anymore.
    As for the not talking on the phone and meeting in person, sounds like it could be two things: 1) It's possible she doesn't quite look like her profile picture. Being catfished is rare, so I don't think you should assume that is what she's doing, but it's just something to keep in mind. 2) it's possible that she honestly is nervous to meet you. It took me a LONG time to get comfortable talking to and dating guys. Plus, she has to worry about whether you are who you say you are! (that's nothing personal against you, it's just that there are a lot of predators out there, so a young girl has to be careful. to be honest, I would be a bit nervous to go hiking in the wilderness with some stranger).
    Maybe try asking if she wants to meet up for coffee or ice cream? That doesn't have to be a long date so she could fit it into her busy schedule, and it has a very safe feeling to it.

    • Thanks, that is helpful. Yeah the reason I want to talk on the phone or meet in person is because I think talking in messages like this just isn't a good way to have a conversation most of the time. I have had some great conversations with people on the internet but it's harder.

      I think (1) is highly unlikely, she regularly posts stuff on instagram including some pictures of herself and I've googled her name. (2) Makes total sense... I often try to be anonymous online too, so yeah good point. Maybe it would be better to just meet for coffee or something really casual in a public place first like you said. Thanks. It's just kind of hard since we live an hour apart, but she lives in a major city so it would make sense for me to go there.

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  • Waiting for u


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