Why do these things always happen to me???

me and my crush are like best friends, we hang out almost every weekend and we tell each other everything, I have grown to like him over the years and last weekend I thought he liked me to, here is what happened, well he kissed me. I was so happy I told my friend but she didn't seem happy apparently one of his guy friends told him I liked him and dared him to kiss me.

now our friendship is extremely awkward and he never calls and won't return my emails

what should I do!


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  • first off how good of friends are you with her and him I mean maybe she's just jealous maybe she likes him and if he was really such good friends with you why would he do such a mean thing as to kiss you just for a dare? Try talking to him and asking him what's up and If he doesn't answer your calls corner him in public don't lose a good friend over something so silly.

  • He's being a coward. If you want the awkwardness to stop, you have to have a direct confrontation about it! Tell him that you still want to be friends. Whatever you find out, it will clear the air.