Guy suddenly seems to have lost interest?

I met this guy over a month ago when I was on a trip out of town. He approached me at a bar and gave me his number. I thought he was cute so I texted him. We talked every day for almost a month and I told him I was going to be back in town. When I came back into town we went out to a really nice dinner, got along great and then on the second night we went out we slept together. Since I left, he has continued to text me but it is more infrequent and it seems like he is losing interest. He knows that I was in town for a job interview and will likely be moving there in a few months (so I dont think distance is the issue). When we do talk, our conversations are good and similar to how they were before. I just dont know how to tell if he is still interested. I try not to initiate text conversations so I dont seem clingy but he is texting me less and less which is making me want to text him first. I haven't heard from him in about three days which is the longest we have gone without speaking since we met.


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  • It happens all the time.

    There are four kinds of women to have sex with: The chase. The anonymous. The fun. The keeper.

    Sometimes I have had sex with women just to express my power over them. I get inside their heads, and get them to want to have sex with me. But I really don't like them as a friend. After getting them into bed, I just drop them. It was all about the chase.

    Some are "anonymous" sex, where we are just two people who want to have sex and find ourselves in the same bed. Whether we know each others' names is not important.

    Some are for fun, where they are friends, fun to be with, and fun in bed. I keep going back to them. These are my typical girlfriends.

    And lastly there are keepers, where there is something deeper and the relationship need not ever end. I have had keepers for up to 18 years and counting.

    Sounds like you were The Chase.


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  • I think he is starting to lose interest. Maybe you should stop texting him for a while.