There's so many hot awesome guys but I don't want one of them, I want all of them?

I'm 17 and there's so many hot guys that I'm interested in, and some of them are interested in me. I don't want a relationship though, call me a slut all you please but I just want to have fun with all of them not just one of them. I'm just scared of it ending badly for some reason if I do this?
What should I do?


What Guys Said 2

  • Normal. Hormonal. Do nothing.

  • Nothing wrong with that but my suggestion is don't fuk guys from your school. So people won't know what you do or who.
    Have fun jus make sure you are on bc.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's normal for girls of your age to be drawn into many different males. It's not abnormal and there is no need to call you a slut.
    You're a teenager, which means right now, you are impulsive and hormone-driven.
    Just try to be safe in your sexual encounters. That's all I can tell you.

    • Thanks so much!
      But what shall I say to them regarding the whole "I don't want just you, I want all of you" situation? Will they get hurt and back off if I say I want to see other people as well? How do you think I should approach the situation?

    • Remember: People are going to judge you whatever you do or you don't do in your life, you should try to stop paying attention to their words.
      Life is really short to be wounded by the words of others.
      You can simply tell them gently that right now you're interested in meeting more people. I doubt they are going to be hurt if you're upfront about it. It's not like you're using them.