Could you love a woman who is suicidal?

My best friend, Dan, is always therte for me. We. Have known each other for two years and he has seen me at my worst moments. For over a year i have had a hard time getting over my ex. But Dan has helped me. He knows everything about me. I kniw him too. Since the summer i have noticed he's looking at me differently. And a lot of otheother friends have too. But was not over the other guy so i didn't say anything. In November i really startestarted to realize i was falling for Daniel but i was scared. I lmow he knew though. Lately I've been having a hard time. it started in January. I asked Daniel for help, i had started to feel suisidal. he's done so much for me and helped me more then anyone. But the ither day i told him i had feelings and he said i wasn't ready for a relationship like that. He said he thought i needed more time and he wasn't sure how long it would take. I asked him if wewe could try when i was ready he was quiet for a moment then he said. "im transfering to BYU and i plan to be married by this time next year. I dont think you will be ready. I think we shouldn't." (he doesn't know i planned to transfer in the winter, I've planned for awhile i just didn't bring it up because i dont want him ti think it woulf be for him because he brought it up as his plan before i could.) i asked him if i got better and he was still single if we could try he said maybe, we'd see, and he smiled and hugged me. Held me really close. He still text me everyday and comes over when i need him. Nothing has changed.

I talked to Daniel and he saidsaid he doesndoesn't want to distract me from getting better. He said I need toto. Focus in that. He does want to try but he wants me to be prepared. He also said he's scares too. he's scared i won't feel the same afrer i start getting better. He wants me to be sure i love himhim and could be only his before we can start anything


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  • I think I could. If a girl was physically attractive and had the other traits Im looking for then the fact she's suicidal wouldn't stop me from falling for her.

    This Daniel guy sounds really odd to me tho. he's currently single and expects to meet a new girl and be married to her within a year? Thats fucking ridiculous in my opinion.

    • We're Mormon. Most returned missionaries expect to be married before 25 and he turns 24 in just a few months. We usually marry young and within 5-8 months...

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  • Ur going to be his permenant fallback. You realize that ull have to live with that if all pans out.. Not the end of the world. .. but


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  • I could only love a woman I had the patience for. If she kept trying to kill herself while I'm there then it doesn't make me feel, for one, very loved. For another thing, my life cannot be bringing someone back from the brink.

    • He said Im doing better and i haven't felt as bad lately

    • he's also really patient too. He said hlthe hardest things in the world are the most worthwhile. Thar includes people

  • i have before but she committed suicide last year :/


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