How not to give up on women?

Hi everyone I was just wondering how guys don't give up on women? Today at work I was sitting on my break and one of the girls stated she was on tinder and only swipes right once in 100 guys and she will most likely not respond? Anyway Yesterday on the train hearing girls talk omg I slept with his friend to get back at him , wtf? Remeber being told I was too nice for a date? Every time I see a girl I fancy they're always in their phone or not even looking around? How you suppose to get someone's attention if they're not even glancing your way? Is this just a city girl thing? A western women thing? Cause it's really frustrating


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  • They learn better techniques. Keep trying.


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  • Well first Tinder isn't really a good option for dating. Real life interactions will always be the best form of communication.

    The girl who slept with the guy's friend is just not worth your time and not all women are like that.

    If a girl is on her phone and having closed off body language then they usually want to keep to themselves. But sometimes they just do this to pass the time if they are on public transport and it seems like a growing acceptable trend in society.

    You can still open an interaction without getting her attention first. I would agree that getting her attention beforehand is a better move than a cold approach, but you can still make a good interaction by cold approaching her.

    An example of an opening statement to get her attention may be like 'Are you playing Angry birds on your phone?'. This is funny bc she may be texting or something, but usually girls are just bored and do random stuff on their phone. It also makes her look childish in a way to be playing a game so she will probably want to respond and defend herself but is also something she may find funny and is a good start to the convo.

    You can think of many examples to try and open her up and get her have a convo with you.

    • Thanks for the advice

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  • In order to establish contact with another person, you need a shared social context.

    You don't really share a social context with random people in public transport.

    • I mean , I want them to look away from their phone for a couple of mins so I can introduce myself

    • You're not sharing a social context. That's why they don't look away from their phone.

      You have to be in the same context (I guess which you are, you are *in the middle of going somewhere by public transport*), and both parties must be interested in conversing.

      I've spent many hours in public transport, I rarely see people establishing contact with strangers. I've done it before, but it's rare to just butt in like that. Even then, once the other person seemed interested in conversing, the other time they were talking about something I found relevant so I joined in. They were surprised though, haha.

  • Whisper sweet nothings to yourself in a girls voice.

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